Amanda Batchelor

Amanda Batchelor

A little about me

Hi! I’m Amanda Batchelor, an experienced graphic designer from Victoria, BC. My clients count on me to put their best face forward, be it a brand, a message, an organization or product to present to the world.

At Paper Panda Creative, I work out of my home studio in a renovated 100-year-old house. My family is environmentally conscious and we’re early adopters of electric vehicles. We have upgraded our home to include several eco-friendly features including a grid-tied solar array on the roof of our garage, so on sunny days my studio runs on solar power!

I got my start as a junior typesetter in a local print shop alongside my first graphic design boss who gave me a great foundation in best practices in the print industry. Working closely with clients, press operators and staff at the print shop was a valuable education that I continue to draw upon and appreciate today.

In 2001, I joined the Art Department at Thrifty Foods. There, I was able to build my skill set and learn best practices in print and digital design for a wide variety of applications. My team produced the weekly flyer using a template I designed to maximize efficiency and consistency while freeing up the design team to be able to focus on creativity and presentation.

Now that I’m out on my own as an independent graphic designer, I enjoy meeting new clients who have joined me on my journey. Thanks for visiting, and I’d love to hear from you. Click here to contact me and let’s work together.

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