CircleSpace “My Personal Comfort Plan” Booklet

A thoughtfully written end-of-life planning guidebook and checklist to help define your personal comfort wishes for your final months and moments. CircleSpace offers emotional, physical, spiritual and practical support and comfort for you and your loved ones before, during and after death. We chose a coil binding for this booklet for ease of handling with the ability to fold the pages back notebook style and to allow it to lay open flat. The uncoated interior pages allow for writing and give the booklet an understated feel. Edges of the Worksheets section pages feature a light green coloured edge for easy reference. All content was provided by the client, including several beautiful watercolour floral elements. My Personal Comfort Plan is also available as an interactive PDF complete with fillable form fields and checklists. Visit to learn more and to purchase a printed or digital copy.
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Fired Up! Forms

Thoughtfully-designed forms help to create a positive customer interaction and are an important communication tool. As a person with a slightly longer than average name and large, messy handwriting myself, I tend to notice when forms don’t have enough room to write. A good form should also be easy to understand what info is being requested and not rely too much on reading to complete fully. These forms are secured in pads to make it easy and tidy for staff, and feature a perforated reminder slip for the customer to take away. With plenty of room for customers to hand write information clearly, staff can easily match up ceramics projects with their owners when they come out of the kiln ready to pick up.
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